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  • Our Approach

    We are not “wealth managers.” We work with normal people, who are serious about planning for their future. Our aim is to organize and simplify your financial life. Making wise financial decisions doesn’t have to be wildly complex.
    However, it’s a very serious job, which must be done with care. We personify this with our motto: Your Future, Planned with Care... Read More
  • About Us

    You won’t find another financial advisor that cares more about doing a good job for their clients. I am very fortunate to do the work that I do. First off, I’m the type of oddball that is fascinated by economics and the markets. Even more importantly, I truly enjoy my time spent with my clients. Working through the nuances of each client’s unique situation is both interesting and rewarding to me...Read More
  • Our Services

    Proper investing should follow the lead of proper financial planning. We offer complete financial planning, retirement planning & investment management services. At Blackburn Financial, financial planning is always our first step. Once we are armed with a detailed financial plan, a thoughtful investment strategy can be put into place.
    Whether you are saving for retirement, college for your children (or grandchildren) or anything else, we will work with you to put you on the right path – and keep you on it...Read More

A Note From Brad 

Welcome to Blackburn Financial!  Thank you for your interest in our work.  We’ve designed this website to give you a feel for how we work and what is important to us.  A great place to start is our NewsletterPodcasts or KOHO Interviews.  Please also see the “Our Services” tab for a more detailed look at how we work with our clients.

We keep things simple by focusing on 3 things:

  • Consistent communication with our clients
  • A deep understanding of our client’s goals and financial circumstances
  • A dedication to understanding the current economic, market & investment environment.

Client Log In

Blackburn Financial is growing

We would like to welcome Stephen G. Allen, CWS ®. He comes to us with 18 years of financial planning experience. We are excited to have him join our team. Please check out the "About Us" tab to read all about Steve and what he brings to our financial team.

Latest Info

A masterful examination of the previous month’s financial events, written by Brad Blackburn read more...

Radio Interviews and Podcasts

KOHO 101 FM has been gracious enough to have us participate in an enticingly thought provoking interview once a month